"Pause and Resume" Printer with Light Sensor Data


I am pretty new to messing around with 3d printers, but that's what I need to do... So please help me out here!

I am working on a project where I control a 3d printer with Repetier-Host connected through a USB and what I need to do is sending commands to pause and resume a printer based on sensor data I get real-time from a light-meter.

For example, I use a light sensor that reads Lux value real-time and if the number goes below 10,000, pause the printer and resume the printer when it goes back up 10,000. 

I currently read the sensor from the light-meter and pause/resume the printer manually through Repetier. 
I would like to automate this part by calling a command based on input data from the light-meter. 
I am logging/reading Lux on my computer and the printer is connected to the same computer through Repetier-Host.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to implement the system through Repetier (Or any other methods).

Any advice would be appreciated. 



  • WIth host the only solution is writing a plugin. Only our repetier-server has a web api to change states remotely as described in the othe rthread.
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