Extruder temperature stability problems

On my Prusa MK3 i3 with MMU2 lately I have problems of temperature instability on the extruder, believing hardware problem I have changed the temperature probe the problem still occurs, if I use the printer without connection to Repetier, then with SD Card, everything works regularly.
To use the MMU2 I set the 5 extruders as per your instructions, so the number 1 is equal to 2 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5.
The strange thing is that the problem occurs randomly, especially if I use temperatures over 215 ° C
The software is updated to the latest version
Advice ???
Thank you


  • It is the firmware controlling and holding the firmware. So unless host sends a different temperature (which you see in prusa display as set temperature) the deviation does not come from host or send code. If it comes from host make sure you have defined max temperature in host to be higher then what you set or host might set it to the max. allowed value instead. But that is all host would change.
  • Thanks check and I'll let you know
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