Reduced feedrate on 2nd reference Pass.

The option to reduce the homing feed-rate for 2nd reference Can be set by 1-normal feed rate or 2-To halve the feed rate.  What happens if it is made 3 or 4?  Will it ignore and home with normal feed? 
Thank you.


  • It is just the divisor, so 3 will be 1/3 of the speed unless it gets below the minimum speed depending on acceleration and steps per mm.
  • It does not seem to have any effect....
    these are my settings

    I have mechaduinos on X & Y.

    Z steps per mm = 800
    Z Feed Homing 50
    Z Max feed 12
    Acc 1300
    Z Print Speed 200

    Do you suggest changing any of these? I think the 2nd homing process is important since
    the switch would behave better at a slower speed and the Z position is mighty important considering
    it effects the first layer.
    Any tips wlecome with thanks.

  • Sure you are using Repetier-Firmware and not a other one. For repetier and Z axis the reduction factor is defined in

    What makes no sense in your valus is if z max feedrate is 12 why do you print with 200mm/s and home with 50mm/s? Home will be reduced to 12 as that is max value. and even with factor 4 reduced homing is 50/4 = 12.5 and still higher then maximum speed so also reduced to 12mm/s.
  • of course I am using repeter...
    yes I have ...ENDSTOP_Z_RETEST_REDUCTION_FACTOR 2 (can be changed to say 4, 5 etc)
    sorry I made a mistake..

    Z steps per mm = 800
    Print Z 200
    Move Z1300
    Z Max feed 12
    Z Feed Homing 50

    sorry for my mistake.
    Many thanks in advance.
  • Ok, but as already said if you limit speed to 12mm/s homing should not be higher - it gets reduced to 12mm/s anyway and that is why reduction is still the recduced to 12mm/s speed.
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