Repetier Supportprint sucks !

I have a big problem with the way the software creates the support structure ! It sucks and in all cases ! It´s not detachable ! I´m using a Velleman K8200 printer and if I print the same thing with my Simplify 3D software I´ll get realy nice supports and they are easy to detach. Why is repetier not able to do the same ? Are the programmers and developres of the Repetier software to stupid to take a look at other software how they do it and do it the same way that it works nice, as well ??? There are not enought settings for the support structure ! I need to make more settings but the software doesn´t provide it !

Is there anybody who can tell me who is developing the Repetier software ? I need to talk to these people to tell them what needs to be done on the software. They shall not change the Template ! The Template of the first versions was just fine and now it sucks, too ! They should rather change the functionaly for printing, settings and most important for the support structure ! Why can´t they do it like the Simplify 3d software is doing it ?? I can create my own supports int the way I want it. Why is there nothing like this in the repetier software ??? What did they think ? Do they think at all ? I don´t know, but repetier is just a piece of sh... !

Please tell me who is making the updates for repetier ??? I realy can help them to make the software awesome !!! I would like to help because I want to use repetier, but there are some things that must be changed !

Common people, how hard can it be to make this software working realy nice ? What is the problem ???

Since I´m using Simplify 3D, I have to say that it´s the best software for 3D printing I have ever used.

I also think that repetier can get to the 2nd place of 3D printing software, but some things must be done on the software !

Regards, so far !


  • We are not the developers of the included silcers! And support generation is done in the slicer. At least with Prusa Slicer/Slic3r there are good options to adjust the support. 
  • What do you mean ? If I chose the prusa slicer I can´t make any settings at all.
  • You can change everything. Hit configure button and prusa slicer will open and you can change whatever you want. We use the settings from the slicer directly but you have to change them inside the slicer.
  • Common ! Why do I have to do it that way ? Can´t they implement the slicer properly into the Repetier software ???
    I realy would like to talk to the developers ! Who are they and where are they ???
    I just don´t get it why they can´t do a proper job !?

  • Every slic3r/prusa slicer version has a different set of configuration variables and they are all supported. We did this first but could not keep up with the continuous changes. So we outsourced configuration creation. The slicers know best what they currently want.
  • Why didn´t you stick with one version that works ? You don´t have to update stuff all the time if it´s working and doing it´s job ! How simple is that ? It is funny that my Repetier software on this PC is not even able to find the generated G-Code after sliceing. I have to go to the folder where the file was stored and have to copy it manualy into the G-Code window, WTF ? After sliceing I always get this message:

    error starting postprocessor:System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception(0x80004005); the system is unable to find the file....

    It´s working on my 2nd PC, sometimes. If the part I want to print gets a bit gigger than I´ll get the same error and have to do the same shit. Why ? Realy, this software is full of issues and bugs and it looks like "not finished yet".

    Why is it not possible to generate an error message that tells me exactly what is wrong and how to fix the problem ?
    I´m a programmer for PLC´s and I´m programming machines for industrial production. I always create error messages that tells you what is wrong, and how to fix it or where to look at. For example: Can´t start process, close door 5 and try again.  OR:
    Unable to start, Pressure air has been turned of ! Turn it on and Try again !  OR:

    Sensor 3B on Cylinder 5a is not responding in time !

    Yes, it´s work to do so but it helps a lot if something goes wrong.

    If I can do things like that, anybody can do, because I´m an idiot and the others are just lazy !

    I realy would like to join the team to help you to get this software done right.
    Would that be possible ???

  • Your error is that you have in printer settings->advanced selected that gcode must be postprocessed after slicing. Disable that and it will load automatically after slicing. The entered postprocessor is not existent so running it fails with the given error.
  • Excuse me, but I don´t know what you mean ? There is no "advanced" in the settings. Only the section Advanced where you can set the extrusion whidth etc.. I don´t have that option.
  • I have got it ! You should have told me to change the setting "Start filtering after sliceing". That caused the problem.
    See, that´s the next issue. Too many different windows/links to make the settings. One Button and one Window to make the settings would be enought. This is just causing confusion. Add numbers to the settings, too. Then you could tell me "change setting No. 103" How awesome and easy would that be ? No more confusion !
    Do you realy think people like to donate for this software ? I don´t.
    Anyway, at least it´s finding the g-code again. One step further ! Thanks for that !  :)

  • Ok, are there any YouTube videos on applying and removing supports? I had a hard time navigating around configure to figure out how to apply and change the supports settings. There are many other Tips & Tricks that would benefit more users if someone with the knowledge would post them and provide directions to them or at least the key Boolean words and phrases to find them. Can anyone help in this area?
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