Firmware vs Eprom vs slicer settings

Could Repetier answer this please?
Max Speeds, feeds and acceleration are set in firmware,
Max Speeds, feeds and acceleration are set in the eprom if enabled and set also in the slicer settings when printing.
what overrides what? As far as I know, if the slicer is set to run and accelerate faster than the firmware settings, the Maximum rates are clamped according to the firmware. Correct? 
If the eprom is enabled, would the eprom take over the firmware settings?


  • The slicer settings are if used with a supporting firmware are used to change the acceleration stored in eeprom/firmware so they replace the one in firmware. In fact I think if you would then send the store to eeprom command they would be even stored in eeprom. But you can also select to not change acceleration settings in prusa slicer.
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