Poroblem with MKS Robin Nano

I have this problem that when I send My Gcode file from Repetier Host it does not print.
It seems to have to do with the M109 commands.   The same G-code sent from SD card or Pronterface does not cause any problem..
What communications settings do I need?
host keepalive: on/off?



  • Normally you just select marlin as firmware and it works. Unless your form has special requirements. Note that M109 means firmware blocks until the temperature is reached. Then you should see an ok in log. What do you see when target temp. Is reached?
  • I know M109 well.  The strange thing is that the same G-Code prints ok on SD or via Pronterface.  Can it be taht Repetier isn't able to handle 3 printers on the same PC?
    Because the same GCODE worked on another Computer with Repetier Host. 
  • 3 printers is not the problem. But i think i heard same problem from another one. But since it is not the servers responsibility to execute it all that matters is that firmware sends an ack. If not it will never time out since server knows that M109 is slow. So van you try with ping pong enabled and check the code and see if somewhere a timeout happens. My guess is that somehwere else an ok is missing here and after M109 you have not enough free buffer to send and the M109 prevents the timeout. With ping pong the timeout should happen at the command where the ok was not send,
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