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I am trying to use a pin to control a relay with an if/then or while conditional statement. If the extruder is running I want to send a high signal to the relay.
So far I have not found any information on where to insert this in the firmware or a good pin to use. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Thank you in advance!


  • What is your definition for extruder is running - being hot or extruding. That is a big difference - one is easy the other hard to handle,
  • When the extruder is extruding
  • That is very hard. Do you use the motor? What is it for? An easy solution would be laser mode when you don‘t use the motor - there we have such a logic. Otherwise you need to find the function where the laser would be set in motion.cpp and add your condition there as well based on e distance. But don‘t forget the case where the last move finishes as well (which also disables laser). So just search for laser control to find all places and add your code accordingly.
  • Yes the motor is for extruding wire. The signal would be to activate a relay which controls high voltage input and a solenoid.
  • So you need to follow the laser solution and just change criteria to enable based on e value instead of secondary value,
  • This would be done in the drivers right?
    How would this look?
  • In several files in firmware. Instead of activating laser you would set the pin to high or low you need based on e value in that move being started.
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