Dev2: Extra motors configuration

I'm using Repetier V1 with an 8-bit Rumba board, and would like to change to a 32-bit Rumba.
For switch the head I use 2 extra motors with endstop. I added "G204 P1 S0 \ n G205 P2 S0" in EXT0_SELECT_COMMANDS and "G204 P2 S0 \ n G205 P1 S0" in EXT1_SELECT_COMMANDS to control them.
In Dev2, I can't find how to configure the same functions. Is it possible?

In Drivers.h there is this comment:
"For some special printers you need to control extra motors. Possible reasons are
- Extruder switches
- Clearing surface
- Leveling

Repetier-Firmware supports up to 4 extra motors that can be controlled..."

Thanks in advance


  • In v2 you would add 2 motors as axis a and b and use g1 a0 b0 to move these extra motors. If they have endstops you could even home them using g28 a0 b0
  • Thank you,
    I'm going to look at how I can set this up
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