E3D Cyclops with Repetier Configuration

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to use the 2 in 1 out Cyclops hot end with Repetier firmware and Repetier Host. Right now I have the 'Mixing Extruder' option selected in both the firmware and the Host but when I try to print or even just move extruder motors separately, They seem to mirror/move at the same time. I want to be able to use it like 2 separate extruders with 1 nozzle. How can this be done?



  • Mixing is meant to use both simultaniously. What you want is 2 extruders where the second has same temp. sensor and heater pin and the shared extruder option is enabled. That way you can switch between them and both use same heater.

    One problem that is not easily solvable is that to activate the other extruder you must retract enough with the "old" extruder so the other can insert filament. So you need to decide how you handle this. You can do it in slicer by adding the proper code before and after extruder switches or you can use the select/deselect gcode commands for the extruder to add it there so it happens automatically.
  • Wouldn't simple retraction on tool change work for this?
  • Yes, that are the commands you need to add in slicer or in firmware start/end script so they do not hit. But sometimes retract blocks if the tip is wider then the part to retract to. Hope that is not a problem with the Cyclops but guess as long as you stay inside the heater you should be fine.
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