Everything seems to be working. Until I hit print.

Im sure this has been resolved somewhere, if so link me over. I am running a Ramps 1.4 board with arduino mega in windows 8. The extruder motor isnt working yet but lets solve one problem at a time. I have set up Repetier  Host/ firmware V1.0.6 and all of the manual control are working i can move the X axis Y axis and Z axis manually (no endstops so the home buttons don't work) I can enter G92 code to set the zero position, then manually enter G1 codes to move the extruder to the correct place, then G1 X0 Y0 Z0 moves everything back correctly. However, when I load a STL slice it, edit the G28 commands out of the Gcode (no endstops) then press print. The host says printing but nothing happens. so I think "well maybe the hot end needs to be active and heated up" so I turn off dryrun turn the extruder on, it heats up I can see the temperature, Still printing but nothing is happening. FYI I can manually heat up the extruder as well.



  • Please open log window (easy mode off, toggle log) enable showing commands and check what gets send to see where it stucks. The reason is normally a few command above last command as host buffers commands in incoming firmware queue. A typical hang is M109 where the target temperature never gets reached. In dry run it should of course be ignored. Which firmware version are you using?
  • Repetier firmware .92.x because i had an error when configuring everything in the Arduino program, i can make the printer work by using an SD card. and after hooking up an extruder fan ive lost control of my X axis. the stepper works connected to other drivers on the Ramps board, the Stepper driver works connected to other headers on the ramps board so i know its not the motor or the driver and all of the other axis seem to be working fine, im getting 12 volts across the 2 middle stepper pins and 0 on the first and 4th pin. and the motor is providing holding resistance when plugged in. so i cant tell if its something that has gone wrong in the firmware or a hardware issue, and if so what type of hardware issue, if not related to my earlier problem not being able to get the print to start
  • Where did you hook up the fan that the axis stopped working? The stepper driver?

    I also feel you were hopping problems so I have problems to follow. If you can print from sd card then x axis should be ok. Also still a log showing what you did and what firmware say will help to see if the commands would get executed or if there are any errors.
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