Davinci I.0-A flashing problems

All of the info/videos online I can find are several years old, and I cannot seem to match up the correct versions of firmware with the correct version of arduino  vs the correct process.
the only version I was able to flash did not function correctly 

can anyone help?


  • I only know of a 0.92 port for some davinci printers. I guess they need an older arduino version to compile. I know I had to change it a few times for 1.0.x to match newer behaviour. But have no davinci so no expert with that specific problem. 
  • finally got it flashed, and im trying to work out the kinks now. 0.92 worked!
    now my heaters in the bed and in the extruder are not heating.... got to be a setting, they worked fine before i flashed it.
    any ideas?
  • Check log when you connect. Guess wiring is wrong form configuration so firmware might think it has no sensors and disables them.
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