Using Max Z Endstop as a Backup

I'm leveling my Bad with a BLTouch (ZMin) and I want to use a Max Endstop as a Backup because if I print something that is near my max Z and I turn the printer off the next time I turn it on and home the axes the bad goes down and hits the ground. I already tried just connecting an Endstop and I configured it as one in the firmware but it just gets ignored. Do I need to configure something else? Also is there a way to add a physical button for the "NOT-STOPP" feature?


  • Endstops are only tested during homing or if ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS is set 1. But with 1 you can get false signals from cross talk that skew your print. So make sure you don't have that problem when enabling it.

    There is no function for emergency stop. You would just connect reset pin with gnd (i think or is it 5v) instead. No software required here. Check schematic of your board and you see how reset button is wired there.
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