Ender 5-Plus on Repetier Host!!

I have been using Repetier from the start with my old Prusa i3 (like 5 years ago!)... I just got a Ender 5-Plus and I'm trying to get the new printer configured on Repetier-Host... all the basics are already done, set the dimension of the printing area, auto home and temperature ranges, I can control the movements of the printer without a problem from the GUI...

Now I'm stuck on the Travel feed rate and Z-Axis feed rate fields, I cant find anywhere what values are the suggested ones for the Ender 5, I was just wondering if someone here maybe could share the numbers used on their profile for the printer?



  • Firmware should limit speed if necessary. So just take what speed you like. For slicing travel you normally want it high like 200mm/s only if this makes too much vibration you would reduce it. Z try 5 or 10. Faster is better as it reduces time to flow on layer switch, but that is normally 0.2mm so does not take long anyway.
  • Thank you for the quick answer, it makes sense to have the firmware setting the limit of how fast you can go, I just printed a benchy sliced with cura 4.6.1 under the ender 5 plus profile to test and while there are a couple of details here and there (i'm using the filament that came with the printer, so that could be part of the problem) the print was done fast and consistent, not errors reported on Repetier Host or any problem between the host and the control board on the printer... The only thing that I could not make work was to get the ETA time for the print on the display of the ender 5, it updates the temperature on the hot end and the bed but that is all!
  • Many printers now use a graphical display which does not show the status line on the display that can be set with M117 and is used by host to show ETA on display. So that is not necessary an error - more wanted by the printer developer.
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