problems with the offset of the extruder

hi, i have a problem   with my printer 3d , when i start the  print the software  always begin in a distance different from 0  and that prevent me from  the filament  to  print on the  bed.
the bed is to far from the extruder baut this isnt  like that when i configurate the pronter directly  through the dysplay of the machine.
i  configurated the  printer only , and  it has the correct distance   but  i believe that the problem is in the software  repetier something that i didn't realize that it change  the slicer program too . if there is someone that have this problem with the  high of  the z axis please share the  solution  , because i have tryed  everything  and  nothing has work,
i hope you could help me 


  • G28
    G1 Z0

    what distance do you then have? Should be very close to bed so paper sticks a bit below.

    Do you have z probe or do you home with z min or z max switch? Depending on the variant the solution is different.

    Also what do you do at the display when you say it does it correct? Doing same commands remotely should reult in the same position.
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