gcode preview artifacts

Hi, I am seeing some of the extruded lines in the gcode preview show as variable thickness. Is this intended? If so, what triggers it? The curious thing is that this same variation shows up in my actual prints. I think it's due to pressure differences in the extruder after movement in the actual print, but what is in the gcode that allows Repetier to detect it?



  • You mean different layer heights? Prusa Slicer can create them. For host a layer height is the difference between last new Z with extrusion. Does not always work correctly especially with variable in fill heights it gets guessed wrong.

    But since it also shows up in print it was the intention of the slicer and should be ok. It just uses less extrusion on smaller heights to match this.
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    Not different layer heights - the width of the extruded filament changes from one end to the other. Shown in this screen capture:


    I have set min and max layer height to the same constant value.
  • That depends on how you have set visualization in host. It can be either a factor of height or computed form extrusion value and length. But each line gets same width over line length. Only thing is width is computed for the end only since the last end is already defined by previous line so it could look like a line is getting thinner/wider. It is all not perfect since the data from slicer is not perfect. 
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