Host 1.0.5 Go to Park Position After Job/Kill Does Not

I posted this once before when 1.0.3 came out.  It is still broken in 1.0.5, that if you have the option checked to Go to Park Position After Job/Kill, the print completes, and the head does not go to the park position.


  • Ok I found a problem with the z axis handling and homing handling for jobs that could prevent parking if you start with unhomed printer even if job contains homing. Will be fixed in 1.0.6
  • I think that in 1.0.6 the bug is still there... Confirm this please.

    Thank you
  • Make sure you have G28 in you gcode, then park should do what it is expected to do. It only does if it believes the coordinates are right. Maybe that test is a bit much safety, but thats a required condition for now to get it executed parking.
  • I
    I have a similar problem,

    After killing job, repetier always send the head to X0 Y0 even when I write this custom action when killing:

    G0 Z5
    G28 X0 Y0

    My park position is X159 Y150 Z0

    Does it possible to cancel this movement?


  • I just installed 1.0.6 and am having the same problem.  The print head is actually solidifying in the finished piece, and I have no idea how to make it move when the print is finished outside of waiting around and doing it manually.
  • Hi, I confirm the bug in 1.0.6
    After job completion the printer homes correctly. I am using the default end gcode from Slic3r which includes G28.
    However, when I kill a job during the print, the head just goes to 0,0 at the layer height it was printing. It does not go to my specified park position of 0,0,200.
  • Try placing G28 command on the start rather than the end of the code.

    Parking works fine
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