dual extruder off center

Hi, I'm having issues with the centering the x of the print for my dual extruder setup. It even goes off the bed sometimes because it is only 150mm^2. the x endstop is set as a max limit because it is to the right of the bed. I have the right of the 2 extruders set to extruder 0 and the left set to extruder 1. The offset on extruder 1 is x=-18. When it is at 0,0 extruder 0 should be at the front left corner of the bed. The prints are too close to the left side of the bed.  Why is this happening? 


  • Reduce x length to get it more to the right.

    Firmware reduces print area by the distance between the 2 extruders so you can switch between extruders everywhere. You will see that homing x max with extruder 0 you get a 18mm gap to the end stop while homing with extruder 1 will be next to end stop. This is just so you can switch extruders directly after homing without crashing into the end stop.
  • Looking at the image in the firmware configuration tool
    shows that the left hand extruder should be ext0 and the righthand should be ext1.It also should 0.0 being mid point between to 2 extruders.
    Try with setting
    extruder0 x offset = -9
    extruder1 x offset= 9
  • Okay thx sounds good will try it

  • it seems that the prints are still to the left, However I think this may have to do with the slicer instead of the printer because the printer itself seems well centered when moving it to different locations
  • Just to clarify, the build volume is 150mm by 150mm, but the max x travel is 170mm so that when the 18mm between the nozzles is reduced, it can still print on the entire build plate(plus 2 extra mm). I have the max x travel set to 170mm in the repetier host printer settings and also in the printer firmware. I'm using the Sli3r slicer in repetier host. In Sli3r I have the build plate set to 150mm by 150mm, as it does not have an entry for max travel, only build plate size. Is there any chance maybe there is mis communication between Repetier host and Sli3r so that Sli3r thinks the build plate is 170mm? The offset of the prints to the left are about 20mm over so that would make sense...
  • So you have 150mm bed then 20mm free space until end stop on the right? Then x length is 152 with offset distance 18mm which is in total 170. Host must then also have 150mm as width. With 170width it will place center at 85 which is not bed center! Remember the right 18mm are removed by firmware and do not count as positions. So for firmware x = 0 is -x length from homing position.
  • So, I changed the X max travel in the Repetier host printer settings and it still appears to be printing to the left the same amount
  • You need to change it in firmware eeprom. Or you tell host that your bed starts at x=20 to get center the same! Both must have the same coordinate system or you will always have a difference.
  •  I changed the repetier host settings to bed left 20. Seems to do the trick and make sense. Thank you so much for all the help!
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