Option to add custom macros

I think it would be a great feature if you could add custom macros that can be "launched" directly from the display without the need to use a hosting software.
This way, you could implement something like "load/unload filament", then the extruder extrudes the exact amount of filament that´s needed to fill the extruder from the hobbed bolt to the hotend tip at a high feed rate. Especially for bowden extruders this feature could be great. You could also tell the printer to move to a specific position before loading begins.

You could add a tab "macros" in the display menu for fast access. The macros could be written in your configurator simply as a series of G-Codes.

Would it be possible to add this feature?


  • What is planned is adding gcode strings as actions. Which is 50% of what you wanted. The other 50% will not happen as it would be difficult and not very elegant to have a extra menu. In uimenu.h you can already modify menu structure to your wishes including adding new functions. These call actions and after the upgrade there are some gcode actions as well. For more interactively actions you would need to write something like a wizard for filament change. Current 0.92 already supports wizards going over sever lcd pages which is e.g. used for filament change action. 
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