Diamond Hotend

I have the 5-color Diamond hotend:
I want to use this for full RGB prints, and apparently Repetier is the only way to do this (correct?)
What controller/motherboard would I need so I can have 5 extruders?
I have a large delta and a corexy, I will probably put this head on the corexy.
What is the workflow? I am very used to using CURA now.
Slice, bring into repetier, select colors, print..?


  • Not sure what you expect, but I would not call this full RGB print. You can have up to 16 different mixing ratios and switch between them. You need one stl file for each color and merge them to one object in slicer and assign each "sub"-stl one of the virtual extruders and slice. Do NOT use cura engine in host for this. Use PrusaSlicer. Not sure with current native cura how much extruders it supports. That uses a different curaengine then our host.
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