printing stops abruptly in mid print

I have had this happen once or twice on my old printer, but I am working on a new build and it has happened twice in about 5 prints.
part way thru the print it just stops and becomes totally lost. I must reset and start again.
Sometimes I get communication errors but not when I am printing. So I have no idea if this is another comm error or what.
How can I track this down???
Using Host and Marlin f/w on a Ramps bd with Arduino Mega 2560 R3.
It happened with Serial speed @ 115200 and 250000


  • With Marlin and com errors it can happen that buffer is full when you missed to many "ok" responses. In that case hitting "ok" button in Manual Control (easy mode off) should continue the print.

    If the usb connection it self goes down taht will not work but firmware continues to run. If you have a lcd you can still use it as a test. Then you have some lectrical problems you need to solve to prevent this happening. Could try better/shorter usb cable, test a different maybe more stable PSU. Just some typical reasons.
  • thx, with the responses I am getting in Host it could be any of the above. I didn't think about chkg the display - I don't have one on the old unit.
    I have a UPS on the old unit, just totally ignored it being too excited about getting this one running (been working a LONG time n it) - I need to connect it there.
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