Go to new block position instead of previous position after tool change

Is it possible that I can go to new position (or do nothing) instead of going to previous position after tool change? 


  • Only for dual x printers if you activate lazy mode. Otherwise it will change offsets at activation.
  • What about V2 firmware?
  • V2 has normally same limitation. What printer type are you using? Resp. why is that important for you? You still have the possibility to add select/deselect commands for this but the positions would be fixed  and slicers expect same position after tool change normally. So what problem do you try to solve?
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    I have build my own Core XY with fast Tool change, I don't need prime tover etc. only fast tool change and close the nozzle on the tool that are not in use. On tool change it moves to previous old tool disposition and make a small drop of melted filament on previous color. 
    My DIY Core XY:
  • Cool solution.
    As said slicers might expect this behaviour and also hosts do not assume different position. If you can ignore that you might change in Extruder.cpp the selectExtruder function to your liking. I think you should look near the end after execution of select script to not execute the move to stored position or change stored position to where you want to end.
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