RADDS with TEMP_GAIN 1 results to BED-Temp always 0.0


just tried to install dev-version with the new TEMP_GAIN activated. 
Result was, the Temperature-Reading for the Bed was always 0.0 Degrees and the Bed did not activate. 
Looking in the Eeprom settings, there were new values for the extruder temp-gain and temp-bias but not for the bed.
Using a Radds board and the temp_1_pin for the heated_bed_sensor_pin. 
The Extruder Temp Readings are okey. 

Deactivated the temp_gain and compiled again = Bed works as it should.


  • In extruder.cpp  line 1110 you see
    writeInt(EPR_BED_PREHEAT_TEMP, Com::tEPRPreheatBedTemp);
    writeByte(EPR_BED_HEAT_MANAGER, Com::tEPRBedHeatManager);
    writeByte(EPR_BED_DRIVE_MAX, Com::tEPRBedPIDDriveMax);
    writeByte(EPR_BED_DRIVE_MIN, Com::tEPRBedPIDDriveMin);
    writeFloat(EPR_BED_PID_PGAIN, Com::tEPRBedPGain);
    writeFloat(EPR_BED_PID_IGAIN, Com::tEPRBedIGain);
    writeFloat(EPR_BED_PID_DGAIN, Com::tEPRBedDGain);
    writeByte(EPR_BED_PID_MAX, Com::tEPRBedPISMaxValue);
    writeFloat(EPR_HEATED_BED_GAIN, PSTR("Bed Temp. Gain"), 4);
    writeFloat(EPR_HEATED_BED_BIAS, PSTR("Bed Temp. Bias [degC]"), 4);

    for 1.0.4dev firmware. There you see it writes the bed values after bed PID values. It might not detect you enabling/disabling gain so eeprom gets not initialized unless you reset eeprom with

    Were you using 1.0.3 firmware?
  • I always using dev-firmware. The last version i compiled was from 9th december 2019. 
    For the new config with temp_gain i was using another eeprom-config number so eeprom should have gotten initialized and for the hotend it did. 
    Maybe i will try to activate it again and flash the firmware again with M502 M500 and see if the new eeprom values are then there for the bed. 
    As for now, i was just curious about the feature but had no intention to use it. But was very baffled when the bed-sensor didn't work. 
    But i thought, if anyone else has this issue, i open an thread here.
  • Will test as well next time I use V1 firmware. Just to be sure also I'm quite sure I tested it. But you never know about unexpected bugs.
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