Dual X-axis purging over part


short intro: I do have a highly modified CR10 printer which got now a complete new, selfmade X-axis with two print heads.
I already did some working repetier configurations (Version 1.0.3) in the past, but now it is my first time with dual-x mode.
First: Print heads and offsets are calibrated and working. The only thing I am really struggling is the firmware behaviour at tool changes.
--> the new tool is always directly moving to the old tool position by firmware. I cannot influence that by gcode. This is for sure very bad if I want to purge the new tool before printing. This purging action will be done than directly at the position of the old tool...not good :D
I'd like to purge the new tool at parking position (similar to BCN3d sigma printer) bevor it does any move at all. Am I too silly to see that option? I am in fact a bit desperate because normally I am getting this small issues solved flawlessly :)

Is my problem clearly described? According my understanding I cannot solve it via a tool change script because the firmware is forcing the new tool to old position of old tool before he is reading the next gcode lines.


  • That behaviour is influnced by
    #define LAZY_DUAL_X_AXIS 0

    Set it to 1 for lazy mode. Then it will move to position with first extrusion and otherwise stay at park position.

    You might want to upgrade to 1.0.4dev which has some improvements here.
  • thanks for that hint. I already read a bit about that "lazy mode" but did not really get the point how to activate it (google could not help me here)
    --> So, I figured out that I have to add the line manually into the configuration.h (I pasted it right under #define DUAL_X_AXIS 1)
    #define LAZY_DUAL_X_AXIS 1
    Would be cool to directly implement this option as standard I guess?
  • It really depends on how you plan to work. But I also prefer it as lazy.
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