filament sensor

Hi, I have 3 printers on my repetier sever; anycubic kossel, I3mega S and a Chiron. Everythings works but when the filament finish, on chiron and i3 mega S, and pass the filament sensor the printers don't stop ! 
I use the standard sensors of the printers and when I start the gcode by the SD the filament sensors work ! 
I have to set something on my repetier dashboard ? 
Thank you !


  • My i3 mega has same problem. Problem is it just makes beep, writes it to printer display but does not issue any message to server so there is no signal we can use to detect this. If firmware is configured to send the usual action message es defined in reprap standard the server would start a pause or even switch to filament change.
    For chiron I can not say. Open console and make it trigger out of filament and check if it writes anything about out of filament. Then we can add a catch for it.
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