Multiply Max temperatur on hotend in firmware

Is it possible to have different max temperatur on my hotends? I have 2 hotends, T0 can max handle 280 C deg. and T1 can max handle 480 C Deg. I also have T2 set to my heated chamber and this one can max be 70 C deg. I think this is important according security. I'm using the online configuration tool.


  • Not in V1 firmware. There all extruders share same max. temperature so you need to set it for highest temperature.

    There are 2 ways to make it less problematic - limit max pid value to something that doe snot get too hot. But that limits also speed of heating, so not best solution.
    Second is to use a own temperature table where you modify the "bad" area to go quickly up to 1000°C and then rise slowly. That will disable heater more or less beyond set max temperature to stay on max temperature also you see much higher values. But it e.g. 71 mapped to 71 and 72 is mapped to 1000 then setting 480°C would just lead to 71.6°C in reality.
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