Can I boot with tool T2 instead of T0 in Firmware 1.0.4

Can I boot with T2 tool instead of T0 in Firmware 1.0.4? Or do I need to reorder my tools
Is it possible to boot with T2? My T2 is emty and T0 and T1 is placed in toolholder. Mt T2 is also configured as the Heated Chamber.


  • In current firmware in printer.cpp around line 1400 you see

    #endif // DRIVE_SYSTEM

    #if FEATURE_SERVO // set servos to neutral positions at power_up

    There extruder 0 gets selected for start. Set this to 2 and it starts with that extruder. Just be aware that hosts will maybe not see that 2 is active. Our server/host will detect it from message issued when printer resets during connect.
  • Thank's for the quick answer.

    I'm using Repetier server on a RPI.

    I tried to set Extruder::selectExtruderById(2); but it then it move the tool head at boot. Can I boot without moving the tool head at boot, ex. power off to the motors at boot?

    I have made some Select and Deselect commands in the firmware for T0 and T1 that are working fine. T2 (emty tool) has only Deselect commands: G91 \n G1 Z2 F5000 \n G90 

  • I forgot one position. Extruder.cpp line 585

    void Extruder::initExtruder() {
    uint8_t i;
    Extruder::current = &extruder[0];

    this sets the initial extruder as well which also must be 0 or you switch from 0 to 2 at start.

  • Thank you very very much. It's working perfect now :-)
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