layers not aligned. I make a small rectangle and the sides are at 45 degrees.

Dear Sir: 
Printer worked fine yesterday and I was making those Montana Masks for friends. Today when I print the layers are not aligned. I tried printing a rectangle (60mm length, 20mm width, and 20 mm height) and the ends are at 45 degrees. The ends should be 90 degrees. You can see the print head is moving one layer at a time to the left along the length of the rectangle.. The belts are tight. This has to be a setting someplace. I am using Repitier host is V2.1.6. Printer is a TronXY 3sx with Marlin v2.05 I think. Any ideas? Oh, the board is a Melzi V2.05. Also, the ends are too well printed to be a random print problem. I am using Slice3r which worked great yesterday. I also tried Cura and that did not work either. Could be be a virus? Never heard of such a thing, but who knows. 

 Thanks for all the help. Hope you all are well and stay well. Richard Brown


  • Sorry the firmware is: Repetier.ino.sanguino
  • Sorry the firmware is: Repetier.ino.sanguino
  • Host only sends gcode. So if it sends moves for a rectangle and one move is 45 degree it is normally a firmware problem, also I don't know an error where one direction causes 45°. If it is handled like a corexy it might give you such a strange move but the type is compiled in I think (also no 100% sure with marlin 2) so can not be changed.

    How does it move when you move manually 50mm left/right/up/down ? Is one move longer and one 45°
  • Let me check. Also, Repetier shows vertical lines on the display. Can you look at these pictures. They might help explain the problem i am looking at
  • Ok, I see the 45° is in z direction not where I thought it was. Such a pattern can happen due to crosstalk if then the x end stop triggers without being hit. The shift is then away from the end stop. Can't say if that is the direction in your case. It can also be lost steps due to high acceleration/speed/jerk. With very regular objects like the rectangle these errors can be quite regular. If you print a figure it would normally be less regular I guess.
  • Ok this was it. I was using my laptop to feed the gCode to my printer. Apparently, using TinkerCad and listening to music made my Laptop too slow. I am using an SD memory card now and all is working fine. Interesting problem and interesting solution. Thanks to all . Richard  
  • If your computer is slow there might be extra stops due to delays caused by overload, but with good firmware setting it should not shift the layer. But that it makes a difference shows that pc was overloaded for the task.
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