M303 displays wrong temp

I don't know where this issue exists, Marlin or Repetier. When I issue an M303 E0 S210 my E0 temp increases , the test runs and finishes. The E0 indicator does not "turn on".
When I run M303 E1 S210, the E0 temp increases, the test runs and finishes. The E1 indicator does not "turn on".
Why does it show temp rise on E0 in both instances?
Why does it not indicate the extruder is on?


  • Part 2: When I am running the only Temp chart shown is for E0. Is there a way to see E1 or BOTH together?

  • First M303 is handled in marlin and does not send message that it turned on heater, whcih is why you do not see it enabled. You could discuss if it is necesssary or not, but it is not so this is not really an error. The command just needs to heat for finding the parameter but is not connected with regualar temp. control. What you want is the output to log and that you get. So everything is fine.

    In temp. graph you see temperatures of active extruder, so switch extruder to e2 if you want to see it during M303 for E1. Again M303 does not switch active extruder so host doesn't as well.
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