How to store Bed Height Map's data on EEPROM for Bed Leveling Correction


I have a TriBot 3D Delta Printer made in Turkey. I'm trying to level my printer bed through instructions on Z-Probe title. I read your advices on this link. I have also watched a video on that page. At this point, I have a question. How to store our bed height map data on EEPROM. I couldn't do that. Maybe you have an advice for me. Thanks.


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  • You can not store bed height map data from host in firmware. You have
    G32 S2
    which stored bed rotation. If you have compiled firmware with DISTORTION_CORRECTION then you can use G29 to measure a grid and store the corrections in eeprom. You will never see these values in host. They are stored in eeprom address 2048-4095 and only after G29 you see the matrix stored.
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