Repetier Host CuraEngine Slice Bug found

first of all I love Repetier Host for many years :) Good work!!!

Now I found a bug for Repetier Host slicing with cura engine. It is adding not existing layers/material.
Following steps:
1. Placement of part
2. mirroring part
3. copy this mirrored part
4. Slice via CuraEngine
-> first part looks good as expected. In print preview the copied part has e.g. additional weird single layers in a hole which are not corresponds to the original object.

I can't upload images (screenshots) here but I can send it via mail if you need it.  
Repetier Host Version 2.1.6.



  • I see the error. If you mirror and then copy the mirrored object the normals are wrong oriented and that makes CuraEngine create bad results.

    If you first copy and the mirror everything seems to be ok. Have added it on todo for update.
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