Host will not reopen after closing

For the past 3 days now ive had to reinstall repetier host in order to get it to open. It works fine on the first start up be every night after I close it it refuses to reopen. It starts to launch but shortly stops responding in windows and the only way I have found to resolve it is to uninstall and delete the registry and then reinstall and it works right after reinstalling.

Any help would be appreciated!


  • Just deleting registry would also work. Use regedit and go to HKCU/Software/repetier

    In fact I guess there is just one setting you have made that prevents it from reopening I guess. Do you have e.g. multiple monitors - that often causes Problems when nut closing on first monitor.
  • I do have multiple monitors but it use to not be a problem. If I understand what you are saying is to close it on the main monitor and that might solve the issue?

  • Yes, would not be the first case where it helps. On other systems it works (e.g. our test system) but not on all. You can also just delete the monitor positions in registry if that happened, so you do not need to reconfigure everything.
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