G32 bed leveling issues.

So I have been having bed leveling issues and can’t get a consistent run with leveling. It’s kind of a guessing game whether it’s going to work or not. I am using a bltouch as a probe. I have it set up with a 5x5 grid. When I run G32 it will run half way or so through the probing and then get an error saying it didn’t untrigger. On a rare occasion it will make it all the way through the sequence, sometimes it makes it 6 probes into it sometimes 3/4 of the way through. No telling what it will do.


  • BLTouch is tricky. If you move not fast enough away it goes into error mode (blinks). Even if you untrigger it holds the signal 100ms, so if the untrigger test comes to quickly you get the not untriggered message. Easiest way is to increase z probe bed distance so it takes longe to move up and hence should have enough time to unttrigger. 1-2mm more should suffice.
  • Thank you.ill give it a shot
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