calling repetier host from another program

We developed multibridge printer, where each bridge simulteneously prints on larger objects speeding printing by up to factor 
of N where N is the number bridges.

We would like to activate repetier from another program ...
for example

     main PRINT (object name)(
         repetier (object name.part1, usb_port1);
         repetier (object name.part2, usb_port2);
         repetier (object_name.part3, usb.port3);

to avoid calling explicitely repetier for each segment/bridge .


  • Repetier-Host is the wrong software for this. You should use Repetier-Server for multibridge. The server can handle and print on multiple printers the same time. And even better - it has a web API to allow you monitoring and executing anything you want. The regular gui is also a webpage so all you can do there you coudl also do on a own frontend. Own frontend might be nice since server will of course have no idea it is multi bridge and think it is N printer that print same time. But even there you can see in home screen progress of all parts.

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