1- My configuration

CREALITY CR10S S5 mechanical with a RUMBA board and Repetier firmware 1.0.3

Everything works fine.

2- I tried to implement the  FEATURE_TWO_ZSTEPPER with two sperated Zdrivers

short configuration extract hereafter
#define Z2_DIR_PIN    ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN

It works but with a strong level of vibration and noise not accepatble.

except for the DUAL driver Z management I am using the same paramters.

It's look like both Zdriver moves are not properly synchronized , is there any parameter insuring the synchronization between the two Z drivers

Thank you for your help.



  • All it does is setting step/dir/enable signals at nearly same time. So if Z1 gets a step Z2 does get it as well. Do they move in sync or does one lag due to lost steps? What might happen is that they are not at same microstep if homing is used with 2 end stops. Or one driver has wrong current making it vibrate. But execution is in sync and should not differ to 1 motor from software side.
  • Hello,

    1- Regarding the drivers
    I have swapped the drivers on the MONO-Z management version with one driver for both Z1 and Z2 axes and it worked perfectly

    2- Micro stepping on the DUAL-Z management version
    Both Z1 and Z2 are using DRV8825 drivers set with 32 microsteps per step (Which is the case for all the drivers used on the RUMBA board)

    3- On the DUAL-Z management version I am using 2 endstops, one for Z1 and one for Z2 and they have been aligned in order to have X axe perfectly horizontal. (As mush as possible aligned with 2 sticks like for DELTA printers)

    4- I plan to perform a test swapping from E2 to E1 software pilote. I shall let you know the result as soon as possible

    Thank you for your prompt first answer :)

  • On my cartesian printer setting M84, G131 G132 function seems to be not available. Am I right ?

    I am wondering if G131 and G132 could help to align Z1 and Z2 and measure the required offsets between Z and Z2

  • M84 is available, G131 and G132 is delta only.
  • Don't you thing some kind of similar G132 feature could be helpful for cartesian printer with Z and Z2 axes and dual Z endstop to mesure relevant axes Z offsets.

  • Yes, might be useful and if someone sends a patch I copy it. I don't have a printer with this setup to develop such a feature. 
  • Finally I have swapped E2 and E1 software pilote , the problem is still there.

    Finally drivers and sofware pilots have been swapped and the problem (noisy vibration) is still there.

    In my understanding, the problem should come from the firmware itself
  • When exactly do you get these vibration? During move only? Can not say much as I never had the problem and never heard about it, so do not really think it is software.
  • The noise appears only moving from home to any other position eg: x250 y250 z250

    (my printer is 500, 500, 500 size with Z and E2 drivers plus two enstops one per Z and E2 axes
  • E2 for second Z2 axe
  • Try different speed for z. Sometimes you hit a resonance frequency of printer and that becomes clearly hearable. Had same with another printer and only one motor. The close I came to the resonance speed the louder it got. What helped was increasing microsteps and using different speeds. That would be no real error.
  • I am going to try

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