Heating bed wont reach over 76C during print.


New to 3D printing and I am in the process of completing a print. When I start the print my heated bed goes from 105 to 76C. I tried to increase the bed temp under manual controls but it seems to stay at that temp. Any ideas on how to increase or keep constant the bed temp during a print? 

My Info:
Prusa i3 MK1
Printing ABS


  • First question is what does host say about set temperature? Does it show set as 105 or 76? Check in printer settings in host what you defined as maximum bed temperature. That is the only place that could make host switch back to lower temp. In other cases the firmware would switch it back or the gcode contains a lower bed temperature. But slicers normally set bed temperature maximum twice - fir first layer and for remaining layer.
  • "slicers normally set bed temperature maximum twice"

    This Worked! Thank you so much for getting back to me!
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