Dual Parking extruder

Good day to all of you. 

I have a problem with my extruder setup and even after a week i cant solve it.

i have a parking dual extruder basically the same as this:

ive put in X offset for 

Probe x=0 y=-20

I have set xmin is -27 in general settings

i have these switch scripts in firmware:
E0 select: G1 X-27.000 F3000 \n M42 P4 S255
E0 deselect: G1 X-27.00 F3000 \n M42 P4 S0
E1 select : G1 X262.000 F3000 \n M42 P5 S255
E1 deselect: G1 X262.000 F3000 \n M42 P5 S0

But no matter what combination of offsets or positions on the script i put there i cant seem to find a working solution. 

When i switch the extruders, the E0 is either left 27mm from endstop, then pushed to 0 when the E1 arrives, but then when E1 is selected the select head stops at 27mm frrom endstop and doesnt reach the extruder, or it breaks completely.

Iam pretty inexperienced in this, could i please have your advice what the correct configuration would be? Iam 100% sure the problem is on my side. 


  • I did not understand exactly what you described as error, but my guess is that your problem is the extrude rmove between deselect and select that adjusts for offsets. You should do that move where you do not hit any of the parked extruders. So add in deselect command a 
    G1 X130 F3000
    after the M42 then you do not hit them and it should work I guess.
  • My problem basically was that the offset applied before the select command, which i didnt know, so i solved it by basically switching some of the commands around so now i first select the new extruder, and then park the old one, which works flawlessly. 

    thank you for the reply! 

    This firmware is amazing. And the configurator is so helpful!
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