Optimizing G code from Cura output

Is there any tool out there that can be used to optimize G code output from the Cura slicer?  I understand G code well enough that I could go in and improve it by hand BUT
(A  That would be a huge job 
(B  It would likely result in a buggy code block that doesn't work
so that is off the table.

This thought started as I watched a fab job waste a lot of time doing non-printing moves from one end of a part to the other just to fill in a couple of wide blocks at each end.  A MUCH more optimal process would have completed a block at one end then moved to the other end and completed the 2nd block.  This is just  single sample but I see it somewhat regularly on parts.

In theory (mine and unsupported by any facts other than my opinion) it should be possible to optimize the code to eliminate extraneous moves (for which I have NO idea for an algorithm to do same.  I know how to find the offending G0 moves, but not how to optimize them other than by hand.)

I just wonder if anyone has such a scheme.  It's really hard to be the first person with this problem and thought.


  • Cura guys also had the problems and what you see is the solution. Optimizing the required paths is not trivial and requires a lot of heuristic rules and optimizations. 

    But no, I'm not aware of a software doing what you aim for.
  • Yep, I'm fully aware of just how complex the optimization would be, that's kind of why I came here.  I KNOW I can't do it.

    OK, good enough is good enough.  Worth a try to ask.
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