Dual Extruder - Wipe and Prime tower using both filiments even when only one is needed. Support issu

Hey all,

I'm using a Geeetech A20 M Dual extruding printer. I'm having an issue when I print a model with supports. I'm using Repetier Host, with CuraEngine for the slicer.

I'm trying to get the basics down before I start using PVA for the support material, so I ran some practice prints. Yellow filiment = model, Purple = Support

What happens is when I print a model with supports, the printer will keep cycling through both filiments for every later of the model. From the get go, the printer wil use a wipe and prime tower to swap filiments. The printer does swap filiments as it should for the model and supports but I'm still getting some carry over when it starts to print the model again so some adjustment is still needed. However, when the printer gets to the layers that only use the filiment for the model, it will still cycle through the both the  model filiment and support filiments on the tower. This is leading to some of the unnecessary support filiment being used when the rest of the model is being printed. Now I know that I still need to dial in the settings a bit, but I don't see any reason why the printer should be wiping and priming with both colors on every layer when only the  model filiment is needed. Is there a setting that contols this?


  • In next host we will get PrusaSlicer 2.2 where this is possible and that has much better support pillar implementation. The used CuraEngine is not able to do that.
  • Gotcha, thank you!
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