filament out setup in firmware help

First let me say that this is a nice forum with nice people. Now to my question. I have an mks gen v1.4 and Repetier flashed on it. I can't find the proper settings for filament runout. Probably not reading the configuration right. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It is plugged into the board correctly.


  • In go to Mechanics and at the bottom you see general jam settings. Guess in your case you need Signal gets high or low. In the extruder definition you then set the pin used for that extruder and it will do the selected solution. One just sends a message to host/server to stop so you control change there. The other blocks communication and you use the printers lcd over firmware to change filament.
  • Hi, in the Mechanics  section I only see an option to either send a message to display or pause. No option to select high or low signal. I can choose the right pin but I only get a jam message on the display.
  • The field "Jam Method" das a selector with that option.

    What happens on jam is defined in "Jam Action" selector.
  • Thanks again for your help
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