Babystepping stops working mid print

I recently printed with alot of simultaneous XYZ moves (non planar and very small segments 0.1mm and inserting lots of color definitions)
When printing those files, the babystepping initially works, but after awhiles stops reacting.
On the LCD the height changes, but the Z Axis doesn't move anymore.

Is there a possible reason for that? I deleted eeprom und reflashed different firmware version, but same problem.


  • Does Z not work completely or just stopped babystepping? What printer type are you using as they have different implementations.
  • It's on a cartesian machine.
    I'm not sure if the Z Axis stopped working completely.

    Is there anywhere I could look for a solution, no matter if it's only babystepping or disabling the whole Z axis?

  • No one complained so far about babystepping not working if I remember right.

    You can send 
    G1 Z10
    to test if Z is working in general which it should since it is unrelated.
    If you do not do babystepping does it work over complete height? Just to exclude hardware problems happening when electronics get warm.
  • I can confirm now that the Z Axis stops working completely, not only the baby stepsg stop working.

    Can setting the Z axis below zero be the problem?
    G1 Z1
    G92 Z2
    G1 Z0

    //Thanks as always, not hyper important to solve this.
  • You should check the log. That is an illegal move which results in z = -1 in reality. That can cause in an error and moves being blocked. It returns a position not allowed message I guess.

    Babystepping in same region should be no problem at least if no end stop is triggered. Then moves in end stop direction might be impossible.
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