Alternate firmware

Hi, I don't know if this has been asked before but has anyone flashed Repetier on a Duet board? Reason I'm asking is because I replaced a fried Melzi with an MKS Gen v1.4 and successfully flashed it with Repetier. I tried several times to use the reprap firmware and kept getting a lot of problems with it. 


  • There is no board definition and there would be missing pings I guess. Duet board (old one) uses more pins then due. The new duet even has a different processor if I remember right and is therefore currrently incompatible. Maybe one day we have for V2 a hardware layer for that. If oyu want a faster firmware try RADDS + Due instead for V1 firmware.
  • Thanks, I will try that.
  • Looked at radds, out of my price range at this time.
  • Smartramps with eeprom is a cheaper alternative. RAMPS-FD also, but make sure to get a version where heaters do not need inverted signals. Not sure if they have eeprom.
  • Went back to my MKS gen v1.4 all is good but no wifi.
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