Error with homing

Incapable of homing on my Kossel Clear Delta printer after switching to Repetier from Marlin. I'm not certain which numbers are giving me the problems but it tries sending the Z axis to ridiculous locations and as a result does nothing and returns an error. 
What could be contributing to this? 


  • What error does it return?

    We are working on a better endstop test eliminating crosstalk issues like marlin does now. So maybe it is just crosstalk to endstops. Twisting the endstop cables should help here. You should never rely on firmware sorting out electrinic problems, could still fail!
  • crazymonkeyni,

    I also have a Kossel Clear and recently made the switch to Repetier Firmware 0.92.4 from RC Marlin. Maybe I can help. It took me a little tweaking to get my effector moving, but right now I'm pretty close to getting this firmware up and running!

    It sounds like you might have an endstop configuration error though.I don't want to post up my configuration.h file just yet, because even I don't fully understand how Repetier deals with delta endstops, but here is my Endstop configuration.

    Endstop Configuration - 
    X Min - Not Installed
    Y Min - Not Installed
    Z Min - Normally Closed, Zmin pin
    X Max - Normally Closed, Xmax pin
    Y Max - Normally Closed, Ymax pin
    Z Max - Normally Closed, Zmax pin

    I do wish I better understood the endstops though. Maybe the admin can clarify... 

    The Kossel Clear has mechanical, normally closed endstops installed on the A, B and C towers at the top. It also has a identical normally closed endstop mounted to the effector, which acts as the "Z-probe". Here is the "pinout" of the endstops. image

    With this setup, what is the correct configuration for the endstops? Which end-stops are responsible for the  X, Y and Z axes?
  • The max endstops are used X=A Tower, Y = B Tower, Z=C Tower.
    Z Min should be not installed, since you use it as z probe.  z probe sets it's config on it's own.
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