low speed of all carriages in Delta

edited March 2020 in Motor Control

I'm running a large delta 3d printer with repetier firmware. The problem that is pissing me off is that the speed of the carriages are too low ;like an old lady that is walking in a football field.I mean when I command G1 Z10 for example the carriages move with a super low speed.I checked everything but i couldn't find the problem. Here are the specifics and the current settting of the printer:*****Electronics : Arduino due + RADDS**********Leadshine 42cmo6 ,6kg,2.5 A per phase  stepper motors for x,y and z axes********TOSHIBA ''TB67S109'' stepper drivers(0.1 resistance,1/16 mic stepping)**** ****Vref of drivers : 0.7 v (when I increase this to 1 volt a wierd sound come from steppers and the carriages won't move)**** ****number of pully teeth :20**** ****belt pitch : 2 ****
****steps per rev : 200 ****
****micro stepping :1/16**** ****and steps per mm :80 ****
****Max. travel speed : 300 for X,Y,Z ****
****Homing speed :100 for X,Y,Z****
****Travel acceleration : 3000 for X,Y,Z ****
****Print acceleration : 1000 for X,Y,Z****PS: I'm currently calibrating the printer and haven't print anything yet.*Thanks in advance.

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