ABC Axis movement

Dear Repetier Team,
thanks again for helping me with my connection issue. Still don´t know why but i can use programmer port for uploading and native port for Pronterface. 
Now i have another irritation. I use six axis with seven motors in total to move a robot. So far i´m able to use XYZ axis as usual. Sadly the ABC axis work in forward direction, backwards not. It looks like the motor drivers getting slightly wrong signals, i know the hardware work (tested). I did not configures one of those axis as an extruder so normally the shouldn´t be influenced by filament and or retraction rules right? May you have a hint for me? Thanks!


  • Can you run
    G1 A20
    G1 A0

    and it moves back to 0? At startup you are at 0 and if dimensions for A are 0..100 you can not move left from 0 start position until you home A. Also if you have a endstop for A in min direction and it is triggered it might prevent the move. Especially if you have always check end stops enabled. See M119 for end stop status.
  • Hey, strange times right now... other things get prio the last weeks... now i´m back working a bit... I got managed to move XYZAC Axis except B Axis. If i try to move the B Axis during Move Menue in GUI nothing happens, after trying this also all other axis are not moving anymore. It seems like the firmware is hanging or something, the display dont get updated properly (loosing mm data). Then i have to reset the Arduino to get the other axis working. Changing motors to other axis, changing axis pins, don´t helped.
  • Ah M119 says
    Endstop hit:

    so no endstop is triggered...
  • Did you forget to copy the response or do you have no end stops at all?
  • I don't have any endstops at all... So this is the response from the firmware.
  • There is an option to only move after homing. If that is set you can not move. Also when you enable firmware it assumes position 0 and moves outside defined area are not allowed. So only in positive direction if not prevented from move only when homed. Will get better when you have homing.
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