Printer won't function till connected to host.

Hey guys!

Been a bit since I've been on here but I'm happily printing again. I have a old delta printer that I've upgraded to a RADDs, Arduino, with RADDS lcd screen setup.

I'm using the development version of repetier firmware, other versions I still have the same issue.

When I plug the printer in before connecting to the computer and repetier host, my other printers (based on Arduino mega chips) will startup, lcd screen shows version and if I want to print via sd card I can do so. This printer, with the Arduino Due, RADDs, and RADDs lcd screen setup, for some reason the printer will not boot up (lcd on but blank) and be functional even with power until I connect to the computer and repetier host. After I do this I can disconnect from host and USB and the printer works as expected.

I'm suspecting it's the Due board, but sending this to the masses hoping someone has a quick solution cause I'm currently starting to go wireless, but it'd be annoying if I have to recconect Everytime I cycle the power.



  • Try pressing reset button when it does not start at first power. I know this behaviour from some china Due clones having a wrong capacitor that causes the due to crash and hang on first power up. After reset (maybe just from host connect as it resets if you use programming port) it starts normally since it already has full power. A bit annoying but nothing that hurts during operation.
  • Okay, yep, resetting the board allows it to boot up without USB and just power. However, I have to do it everrytime. Guess that's what I get for buying a cheap brand of due. Wonder if I can add a command on bootup that resets the board on startup.
  • Due resets on connect if you connect it with programming port. Only native port will never reset on it's own.
  • Ahh, well that explains why it works when I connect USB then. Now just need to figure out if I can get it to reset when I apply power, maybe if I have the astroprint gateway connected to the programming port this will work out will let you know when I configure it for wireless, right now rearranging my wires and such cause it was crap the first time around.
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