repetier firmware on reprappro melzi board

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hi, i'm trying to replace all the marlin based firmware on our huxleys and mendels.
cause they communicate poorly with repetier host when running marlin.
It seems i got most of the repetier firmware config right.
i can't seem to get the communication right.
baudrate and comms are ok dough,
at last, with downloading the latest repetier host, i noticed that under my graphical interface, the info sgone.
i used to be able to read what the printer was doing.
how do i get that info back é the bottom in the host?
and aint there a saved-Mendel firmware/config.h file somewhere? it could indicate where MYproblem lies.
pretty please?
i really need my printer today :( its so sad when he's crippled....


  • The log is always hidden in easy mode, so disable easy mode and then eventually hit toggle log to bring it back.
  • thnx
    yet communication still fails
    kill method is set on Reset controller, yet it doesnt react on emergency stop
  • How does your communication problem looks like? No connection or many errors?

    Emergency stop does only work with serial-usb converters that use DTR to trigger a reset. Don't know if Melzi does this.
  • doubting myself...
    emergency stop bothered me
    on the melzi wiki page,
    there's a reference to pin 5 on the melzi called reset.
    for isp uploading via arduino uno.
    Once the Arduino UNO is an ISP programmer, one can connect it to the melzi board with 4 wires:
     * pin 1 MISO (Melzi) on pin 12 (Arduino)
    * pin 3 SCk (Melzi) on pin 13 (Arduino)
    * pin 5 Reset(Melzi) on pin 10 (Arduino)
    * pin 4 MOSI (Melzo) on pin 11 (Arduino)
    seems to me that if the uno-isp way uses that reset pin, we should be able 2, maybe i'm missing something.

    besides that, i'm breaking my head over my axes;
    i know its firmware setting related.
    first had the issue on the X axle, now on the Y axle, but i dunno what changed;
    the head moves in the correct dir on the axle, & when asked to home, it goes in the dir of home, but in 7mm shocks, and it doesnt want to go the other way.(away from home)
  • ISPs use the reset pin to be able to upload data. I wonder why you do it with isp, does Melzi not have a bootloader so you can upload directly from Arduino IDE? Anyhow usb connection with FTDI or extra AVR for Arduinos use DTR serial signal to trigger reset pin as well, which takes them into boot mode or in the hosts case is used to reset.

    Check M119 to see if a endstop is triggered that prevents going the other way around. Maybe you have defined them without having them implemented.

    7mm shocks is strange. Should be a constant move for cartesian printers. Only deltas could have shocks if moving too fast. 
  • did not use the isp. i just went googling for a reset on a melzi. found the reset pin. got hopefull ..

    M119 showed that endstop y had gotten detached.

    i was also confused cause the bed moves, not the head (in y dir)
    have it fixed now.

    i would share, if it wasn't for the fact that our extruder carries a special, non-standard motor.
    and the fact that our y motor is mounted opposite from the standard.

  • hi again.
    can someone tell me why,
    no matter wich value is set in the firmware
    (z-axis-steps per mm)
    the z axis keeps going stupidly slow.
    it should be 2650mm/sec, but.... every value gives the same result, and i don't get why.
    maybe something eeprom related?
  • I doublt your z axis can go 2.5 meter per second. Firmware has a z speed limit (z max speed) which I guess is that low. Also most z axis have many steps per mm reducing possible speed to 2-5 mm/s.
  • hi,
    calculating came on 2650, 'normal' mendel settings go around 900mm/sec for Z.
    but the motor only turns  about 10° a sec.
    10mm in repetier makes 1mm in realtime...
    we all know they can go faster.
    but AGAIN. no matter what i give in; 91; 650, 900, 1500, 2650 mm/sec
    the  motor keeps turning at the same  speed.
    why does he ignore firmware ?
  • i used this calculator ;
    for my threaded z axis
  • That is steps per mm what you are talking about. M8 rod => 2560 steps per mm. You need to set this in eeprom normally which may explain why it has no effect.

    With right settings you will be able to run 2-5 mm/s speed if you have allowed it in eeprom max z speed. Also make sure acceleration is not too high. 50 - 100 normally work well with M8.
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    -its m5.
    "You need to set this in eeprom normally which may explain why it has no effect."


    "If you enable eeprom, you can change the most important parameter after installation over the host. Please be aware that the eeprom values overwrite settings in Configuration.h! To overwrite exiting settings select a different eeprom set."

    -just change the eeprom set?

  • Or connect with repetier-host and press menu eeprom settings.With other host software send M205 to see values in log and M206 to change them, see documentation for details.

    Using different EEPROM_MODE value also copies values from config.h after upload.
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