Travel through Endstop


Let me explain my Problem. I´ve build a 3 d Printer and one of the optical endstops is not locatet at the end of a travel route. To be more specific it is locatet in the middle of the route. Due to the Construction it is not possible to move the endstop to an other Position.
I know that it is not ideal and the Extruder has to be set to an specific Position before homing.
Now in order to home my Printer correctly, I have to drive through the endstop and set a zero behind it. During printing the endstop has to be ignored. Is there an Option to change that in the Firmware ?


  • You definitively want ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0 so they are only tested during homing. Then regular moves do not trigger a stop even if it is high.
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    Thank you for the fast answer. That solved the problem
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