add command to the UI


I am using 12864 LCD with full graphic Smart display Controller.

How / where can I add command to the UI, that moves the extruder in a requested axis (X / Y / Z) till the end of the axis range?


  • You could use home axis if it is in homing direction. Otherwise you need good programming skills. Menu ist a fat data structure that you need to edit (uimenu.h) to include a new action that you also have to write in the actions command in ui.cpp. Unfortuantely the menu is not that intuitevely to read but it should be possible if you carefully read the existing code. Just watch out to increase the line count if you add new entries to menus.
  • Thanks for your answer…

    I had a look in the code and it looks too crowded / risky for me…

    I am building a 3D printer from scratch (about 1m*1m*1m). It's already working using the above UI display control. Before moving to the printing phase, I thought about testing movement in each axis from home position till end of axis range (without rotating the rotary encoder so much…)

    Any idea for such utility based on Repetier firmware?

    Thanks a lot


  • Why not just write a gcode script and run it from sd card or host software if you need such a test. Such a test might be useful during development but on a working printer is is not required.
  • gcode script is a good idea ... thanks a lot

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