Dual Z steppers and dual extruder

My machine is a home built cartesian using AtMega 2560 and Ramps1.4 board and dual extruders into a Y/ E3D hotend.  Was using Marlin until I upgraded to dual Z steppers and a BLTouch (sadly my second extruder no longer works).  Can Repetier firmware be setup to use a stepper expander board with the Ramps 1.4. If so how does one go about configuring the pins for the expander board?


  • Yes it is quite easy. In config tool select for example E2 (third extruder) as motor. That will result in something like

    #define EXT2_DIR_PIN ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN

    now these variables are undefined, so in manual additions in config tool you add

    #undef EXT2_STEP_PIN
    #undef EXT2_DIR_PIN
    #undef EXT2_ENABLE_PIN
    #define EXT2_STEP_PIN 10
    #define EXT2_DIR_PIN 11
    #define EXT2_ENABLE_PIN 12

    with 10-12 replaced by correct pin number. That's all required.
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