I need help about menu on 12864 display

Right upper part of the display where coordinates are displayed is shited to the left....wrong position.....about 10 pixels to the left.Where i can change this positioning in configuration files?


  • There is no option for that, it normally is not shifted.

    Is this on all pages or just one where the content maybe did not fit also coordinates normally fit? Is it the complete text line or just one pixel row with offset?
  • on very first screen....there are blocks in where one of them is with coordinates in it.This is upper right corner block.Complete matrix is moved to the left for about 10 pixels.....so letters X: , Y: ,and Z: are in block where the temperature is displayed.All what i need is to set the position of whole matrix of the coordinates to be more on the right side....if that is possible.Even like this as it is all works perfect....just display showing is wrong.And i have to ask one more thing...again....in other version of firmware i have all working fine too but i have issue with one showing too.....If i select in extruder menu extruder number 2 and set some temperature for it.....on first main page that temperature is displayed for both extruders and there is animation that only extruder number2 is heating up (animation is fine,but readings for extruder 1 are falsse).....if after that i go to extruder menu again and select extruder number 1 then on main page all is displayed right(only extruder2 is showing the temperture of heating).......If i start printing with extruder number 2 i again have temp displayed for both extruders even extruder number one is off all the time.Can you somehow tell me how to fix this?
  • As said there is no setting for shifting. My guess is that the display has some timing issues missing the first 10 pixel so everything shifts. Maybe increasing UI_DELAY... something like that to higher value makes it go away. But also display is then slower. What display type are you using?

    Regarding menu I could not really follow and have currently no printer to check. Already on V2 with new menu system. But so far no one complained about wrong temperatures. Maybe an image would help for both issues to see what you mean. If temperature is in head line that is controlled by the format string in your configuration and is independent of the menu system. 

  • I cant take photo of the first issue i contacted you about because i have to do some things to make that to happen.But i can show photos for second one.How i can upload photo here?

  • ppl are having similar problems with low cost displays when using marlin,
    it has been solved by adding some timing delays to the display routine,
    This seems to work in marlin code but where to put it in repetier ?

    #define ST7920_DELAY_1 DELAY_NS(63)
    #define ST7920_DELAY_2 DELAY_NS(63)
    #define ST7920_DELAY_3 DELAY_NS(63) // this is the defaults for a 16mhz processor (ie a mega2560)

  • Well....i did many things since my last post here....And what i noticed is that none of the free versions of the repetier is fully functional.I tested Marlin too.Marlin works fully.With repetier if main page menu doesnt display properly (geometricaly) software works perfect....if menu works perfect than part of software inside doesnt work  good.....If all works fine then autoleveling is doing wrong math about the grid.....there is always something.All is about the money,even it is declared as free.Specially here with this firmware.
  • Do not understand the talk about free version. There is no paid repetier firmware.
    Regarding delay you need to find the matching

    #define UI_DELAYPERCHAR 50

    in displaylist.h and increase that value. That is the delay between changes when sending data to display. But I do not think it is also used for 12864 displays, there delay comes from u8g library.
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    https://ibb.co/wK3g0LQ - only extruder 2 is heating up - firmware 1
    https://ibb.co/CPwK7hz - displayed temp is for both extruders on main page - firmware 1
    https://ibb.co/vhSNx0y - left  moved labels for coordinates with theirs values (this i need to be solved) - firmware 2

    here you have the pictures....two are showing one extruder heating up but on main display on other picture you can see that its shown like both extruders are heating up.Third picture is different software that is moving labeles of X: , Y; and Y: to the left together with theirs values.I need help to solve this last first....i just need that menu to look as it should.In each version of the software issues of other one is solved.....but i couldnt find a way to solve any of this.This is 0.92 core version.

    If i set in this firmware2 extruder to be mixed one all is working fine on main page and all menus....there is no shift to the left.IF i reconfigure it as two separate extruders instantly i have this shift.

  • Ok, that is no graphic problem as I thought from description, but a positioning resp. content problem.

    You see one version has 1: and 2: before temperature and the other version shifted not, so it is 2 chars to the left.

    What language are you using? Looks like english but in uilang.h for english translation I see

    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_1_EN "\xa %ec/%Ec\xb0 X:%x0"
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_1_EN "\xa %e0/%E0\xb0 X:%x0"
    #endif // NUM_EXTRUDER
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_2_EN "\xa %e1/%E1\xb0 Y:%x1"
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_2_EN "\xe %eb/%Eb\xb0 Y:%x1"
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_2_EN " Y:%x1"
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_3_EN "\xe %eb/%Eb\xb0 Z:%x2"
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_3_EN "Copies: %ed Z:%x2"
    #define UI_TEXT_MAINPAGE6_3_EN "Flow:\xfd %of%%% Z:%x2"

    That does not really match to your images. In mixing etxruder state it would be one extrude r+ bed temperature not 1: and 2: as in second picture. Also no version has 1: and 2: preceded here. So currently I wonder where that comes from. Are you using our official version or some other fork of firmware? I'm looking here at 1.0.4dev version.
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    i have 0.92 version that i received with the printer....if it is mixed extruder all works fine.....if i set it to 2 independant extruders then i see this......also about the temperatures ( pictures 1 and 2 ) ...that is also what i received with the printer.I figured out that its the same file .....but i dont know how to solve it.

    So i have two firmwares....firmware 1 and firmware 2 .......

    firmware 1 has issues with temperature seting when extruder 2 is selected....if i dont select extruder 2 in extruder menu i have normal readings.....if  i select it instantly i see temp of extruder 2 on extruder 1.......That is what i am showing on pictures 1 and 2.

    On picture 3 i am using firmware2 where i set it to work with two independant extruders from originaly mixed version as i received it and i have shift to the left on main screen.I  need explanation how to change these and have both firmwares to work normaly.In this case positioning of the coordinates menu is wrong and it needs shift to the right.

  • Solved shifting to the left.It was uilang.h file.....I found the difference wetween working and non working version in part that you pointed to and did a copy-paste.I need only temp showing to solve.....I tried same method to find what is that all about but all lines are the same (between good working and bad working firmware ui lang.h files).

    And i have only one question....when i open menu page...last line on it is  "Bed coating set to".....and it is showing nothing......i tried to set any coating to see will it show something and it is not showing......how that line should work and what should it show there?
  • No need to do anything from here....I have one fully working version and that is enough.Thank you very much!Lock.
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